Branding- The need of the hour

March 15, 2021

“Your brand is what people say about you after you leave the room.”
-Jeff Bezos (Founder, Amazon)

In today’s digital world, people are constantly bombarded with products & services- from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep, be it on one of their devices or in-person. Given how competitive the market is, an emerging company may find it tough to establish their presence. And that’s where branding comes in.

Branding is not just restricted to a name, logo, slogan or design. Branding is the link that connects your company to the consumer and vice versa. It is a systematic process that focuses on building your business’s identity.

There are a plethora of brands going up against each other in order to gain their potential customers’ attention. If you want the audience to choose your products and services over others, you need to have a unique brand identity that differentiates you from other competitors.

In this article, you will learn:

• Importance of design in branding
• Importance of colours in branding
• Importance of Brand voice
• How branding can earn you money in the long run

Importance of design in branding:


First impression is the last impression. As much as we don’t like to judge a person by what he/she is wearing or judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that we often do. It’s just human nature. First impressions are important.

Branding design includes all the visual elements like logo, website, newsletter and much more used in your business. These elements help form immediate connection with the audience. It helps build credibility, gain recognition, create a strong visual dialogue and a strong connection with the audience. An unprofessional design, a bad impression on the potential customers and drives them away.

Consistency in designing is also very important to ensure your clients and customers recognize you on any platform. Consistent design can increase revenue and recognition. According to a research by Forbes, Consistent design across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Therefore, an effective first impression and a branding strategy is very important, as it sets the foundation of your brand identity, separates you from the competitors and reflects your business positively and accurately.

Importance of colours in branding:


Consider a red can of cola, a black apple, a blue bird or yellow striped ‘M’ l- which brands come first to your mind? In each of these brands, colour is the predominant element of identification and has had a long-term association with the brand.

As the old saying goes, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ Most of the brands worldwide rely on colour combination to garner instant recognition. According to a study by the University of Loyola, Maryland, almost 85% of consumers cite colour as the main reason they buy a certain product, and 80% of people believe colour increases brand recognition.

Colour evokes feeling. It incites emotion. It is an integral character in your brand’s story. Cracking the perfect colour combination code is tricky as the perception of colour varies according to a person’s sex, age, maturity, education and other factors. The potential of colours in branding is often underestimated by marketers but it plays a crucial role in delivering the message and conveying the emotions of your brand.

Importance of messaging in branding:


Brand messaging is the language and phrasing that you use on your website or any other platform used to promote your business. The three main elements that should be in your messaging are – USP, Slogan or Tagline & Story.

It is a way of communicating the story and essence of a brand in words. Messaging is what differentiates your business from the rest of the market. Messaging impacts much more than just performance, sales or marketing. It moulds the way you, your consumers, investors or your employees think of your company. It sets up a foundation for the potential customers how they perceive your brand in the market. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of messaging.

Brand voice:


Every brand needs a voice. Having a unique and strong brand voice is one of the most important components in building a successful brand. Brand voice should focus on initiating a dialogue that connects directly to your customers and that builds a strong community.
Brand voice defines the values and personality of your company. When your brand voice strikes a chord with the audience, they are more likely to connect and feel comfortable with your company.

Earn money in the long run:


Successful Branding leads to increase in revenue & sales. With a strong brand identity, you can charge what you’re worth and earn money in the long run. One of the perks of branding is, it creates a perceived value beyond the fair value of a product in the market. One of the most important benefits of branding is it sets your brand up for long term success. Once you’ve achieved a certain level of success, it’s very hard for competitors to catch up with your brand.

Wrapping it up:

A strong and professional brand identity helps build credibility and trust, it helps the audience differentiate you from competitors, and gives you a greater opportunity of generating revenue. The best branding is built upon a strong idea; an idea that you can hold on to, can commit to, and can deliver upon. Encompassing all of the points discussed together is your brand. Even if one of those is left out of the equation, your brand and customer experience will be put at risk.

In the world of cut-throat competition, Branding is truly the need of the hour.

Now that you know the importance of branding in today’s world, let us help you brand your company properly.

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