Employee Feedback Mechanism

April 07, 2022

For any business to foster, constant work in needed to be put in maintaining and improving the company culture. The employees are the ideal people who give insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. This is why a feedback mechanism is essential for every business.

Here is all that you should know about employee feedback mechanism

What is Employee Feedback Mechanism?

Feedback is usually a give and take of information between the employees and the organization. The feedback is mostly regarding the company culture, environment, performance, employee skills and teamwork. The aim behind the practice is to understand the employee experience and make improvements within the company in turn leading to employee retention.

A feedback mechanism is an effective way to establish an honest and open communication between the employer and employees. Here, the employer pool consists of the managers, supervisors and even the company as a whole. Using such a mechanism, the company can analyze and identify the areas of improvement that they as an organization as well as the employees as individuals need. Being an integral part of creating a productive and effective work environment, getting feedbacks as a regular practice will help develop a better workplace culture.

How to Create a Robust Mechanism?

Gathering enough and useful information wo work on needs a feedback mechanism that is robust. There have been studies that give an idea of what makes an employee feedback mechanism thorough so that a wider spectrum of experience and data can be collected. But creating this robust system needs efforts too.

Let’s take a look into what should be considered while creating a robust employee feedback mechanism.

  • To begin with, a comprehensive idea of the current workplace environment is required. Looking into any unresolved issues or complaints must be the top priority.
  • Creating a circle where the employees feel welcomed to share their experiences and grievances is another important aspect. What would be the direct effect of this? Employee satisfaction.
  • The whole idea of creating a feedback mechanism is to thrive as a unit. The mechanism works as a catalyst in better engagement of employees and increasing the overall productivity of the company.
  • The feedback questions must include open-ended and close-ended that comprehensive information about the workplace experiences.

So, when a feedback mechanism is being created, the focus must be on the employees and what affects their creativity and contribution to the organization.

Questions to be Included in the Mechanism

When it comes to what questions should be included in the feedback, the attributes that affect the employees and the workplace environment. The questions can be divided under personal and professional reflection for the employees, for leadership reflection (managers, supervisors and other higher officials) and organizational reflection. Here are a few suggestions that make it to the top questions in the employee feedback mechanism:

Questions for personal and professional reflection of the employees:

  1. What responsibilities assigned to you do you deem as important for your career?
  2. Is the role assigned to you helping you grow professionally?
  3. Are you taking initiatives to explore scope outside of your responsibility?
  4. Do you see yourself gaining long-term professional and personal growth in the organization?
  5. Do I experience satisfaction with my work, role, exposure and renumeration?
  6. Am I able to maintain a work-life balance? If not, why?

Questions for leadership reflection

  1. Is my team getting the resources they need to aide their work?
  2. Is my team growing exponentially?
  3. Is there an open and honest communication between me and my team?
  4. Am I accessible to my team members for queries and grievances?
  5. Am I constantly giving and providing constructive feedback to my team?
  6. Are my team mate satisfied in their roles?

Questions for organizational reflection

  1. Is the organization being productive while keeping the goals reachable?
  2. Does the organization have well-defined and fair policies and strategies for its employees and customers?
  3. Are the employees being given ample opportunity to grow and learn?
  4. Is the work environment flexible and healthy for the employees?


Employee feedback mechanism is a constant practice. Considering the weight of the information it gathers, it is a constructive way to enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole. Using such a tool, companies can reduce the rate of attrition and increase employee engagement and retention to a significant extent.

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