Google People Cards & How It Will Replace Visiting Cards

February 05, 2021

Visiting Cards or Business Cards generally occupy a very small place in a businessman’s or an entrepreneur’s arsenal, but over the years they have had a significant impact on the performance of one’s business. Business cards come in handy to promote a business during a conference, seminar, or a workshop. A business card does a lot more than just pass our personal or professional details. A business card is essentially the first impression of a brand. A good business card creates an image of professionalism and credibility that augurs well for many potential clients.

The COVID pandemic has evolved the way we connect with others. It has accelerated the world’s requirement for digital technology and digital transformation. The world has experienced more digital transformation in the past year than we have witnessed in the last 10-15 years. In today’s era of digital transformation, the act of exchanging one piece of paper for another is rapidly becoming outdated. ‘Google People Card’ is quickly emerging as the frontrunner to replace the traditional paper business cards.

Right from the turn of the century, Google has been pushing the boundaries and revolutionizing the way people work online. With the introduction of ‘People Card’, Google attempts to solidify its position as one of the best search engines available online. People Card allows Google to directly compete with LinkedIn in targeting entrepreneurs, employees and business professionals.

Google People cards are virtual cards that can be created on Google Search. These cards are intended for helping entrepreneurs, business professionals, start-ups, freelancers and people who hope to be discovered online and who want to share their work. Up until now, you could only find detailed information about your favourite celebrities and public figures on Google search, but Google now allows civilians to have a public profile with the help of People Cards. When people search for their name online, it will be displayed on top of the search results.

Steps to creating your own Google People Card on Google Search:

  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Search for ‘Add me to Search’.
  • Click on the option ‘Add yourself to Google Search’.
  • After selecting that option, you will be asked to give your phone number which will be verified through a unique code to initiate the process.
  • Google will offer a form to let you create your public profile.
  • Fill that form, and you are up and running.

Some of the worth mentionable advantages of having a Google People Card:


As long as you have access to your smartphone, tab or computer, you can always access your business card anytime & anywhere. Unlike paper business cards, you don’t have to worry about your card supply as everything is electronic. If you update your phone number, email address or residential address, it can prove quite costly with paper business cards. But with People cards, you can update your profile at any time.

Environment friendly:

According to a study, more than 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they’re exchanged. 50-60 billion cards are printed annually, out of which 45-50 billion are thrown into landfills. People cards eliminate the need to cut trees for the paper. This helps in keeping the environment safe and secure for healthy breathing of pure air and in preventing deforestation. 


With the requirements of social distancing and contactless transactions likely to stay, People cards are becoming a staple of everyday life. They can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Digital cards are here to stay as they are germ-free and provide instant access to one’s profile.


Due to the rise of technology and social media, usage of traditional networking tricks is gradually fading away. In a post COVID world, face-to-face interaction has slowed down and online interaction has become the new norm. As Google People Cards are cost-effective, more easily accessible and shareable than traditional business cards, it will soon become the go-to when it comes to exchanging contact information. But there is still a place for classic paper business cards, it just depends on your branding strategy.

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