Khaleej Times

Brand Identity and Design, Conference Maintenance, and Onsite Collaterals for the Event.
The UAE's first and leading English media and news company, Khaleej Times has created a platform for thought-provoking discussions and unique experiences from global leaders - KT Events. The Khaleej Times Events are an extension of the newspaper, bringing the dynamic discussions in person.
Client Brief:
  • To provide a well-rounded identity and creative support for the event.


The Journey to Net Zero:

The measures to achieve Net zero or carbon neutrality, a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, cannot happen without actionable dialogue. The Journey to Net Zero is the UAE Regional Climate Dialogue that invites leaders to participate in the Summit to map out an inclusive and sustainable journey towards Net Zero targets

About The Identity:

As the event is environment-centric, the identity resembles the theme. The logo comprises the recycling symbol to foster the core of net zero, and the colours chosen - green and blue, essentially depict nature to reiterate the significance of the initiative.

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Khaleej Times Uniexpo is UAE’s leading higher education exhibition. It is a 2-day exhibition, which saw over 3000 visitors and over 35 local and international higher education institutes participate from various countries, namely the UK, US, UAE, etc.

About The Identity:

The exhibition deals with students and education, it is essential that the core of the identity represent the same. Hence, the student graphic and the Earth sphere combined emphasize Global education.
The colour Blue embodies intelligence, trust, confidence, and stability and pairs with the high-contrast orange conveying passion, creativity, and determination.

Overall Strategy And Approach:
  • Created Conference Identity Design and Positioning
  • Develop an overall brand language and brochure design.
  • Conference maintenance which includes brochure updates, social media posts, print advertisements, digital and website banners
  • Created event onsite collaterals as per requirements.
  • Develop Post Show Reports