What is Employee Engagement?

February 14, 2022

An organization functions in an efficient way only when the employees are completely dedicated to and involved in their work. How does a company achieve this? A simple yet requisite answer is ‘Employee Engagement’.

It is the active participation of the employees and their relationship with the organization. A crucial curve in the growth graph of an organization in many perspectives, it leads to reduced employee attrition and high productivity levels.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is defined as the level of dedication and enthusiasm shown by an employee, towards the organization.

For an engaged member of the company, the paychecks come with responsibilities to dedicatedly put in efforts towards their work. The hard work and involvement of the employees to constantly give their best and be satisfied by their performance is a result of it.

A well engaged employee works hard to make a difference. The focus is more towards the development of self and the company. Establishing a good communication facilitates engaging team members along with setting an example for the new recruits.

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Ways of Achieving Engagement at Workplace

The company and the HR carefully devised strategies to encourage employee engagement in the company. Let’s look at a few strategies that will help companies increase the number of engaged employees, in turn reducing employee turnover and build employer branding.

  • Communication– An organization is made by the members working in it. And, hence communication is a vital to understand the employees. The engagement rate largely depends on the communication between the employees and the company, the constructive interaction to understand one another’s perspective and take actions accordingly.
  • Recognition– Every effort and the hard work of employees need to be recognized and appreciated. This small step towards valuing efforts will lead to a high engagement rate of the employees.
  • Encourage well-being– The mental and physical health affect performances. The organization must follow steps to encourage holistic well-being of the employees and arrange regular camps to ensure they are being taken care of.
  • Empower employees– Less employee engagement directly is directly proportional to employee retention. All the employees must be empowered and encouraged to perform their best. Support and ample help to boost employees to share shortcomings and improve push them beyond the limits.


A company, that has a higher rate of engagement, experiences a higher rate of retention as well. The reason being the employees feel more at-home and commit to their work, which in turn is beneficial for the betterment of the company.

Here are a few of the many benefits of a high employee engagement rate.

  • The more the employees engage the better is the growth of the company.
  • Lesser employee attrition rate is a direct result of better engagement.
  • Happier employees lead to better productivity.
  • Satisfied employees will help with better retention of assets.
  • Engaged employees will offer better customer services and in turn help with company growth.
  • Better engagement will be helpful to deliver greater quality of work overall.
  • Offering holistic well-being of employees will be more profitable to the employees and the company in the longer run.
  • When employees are given the proper attention, the work environment is improved.
  • Discipline and dedication are automatically instilled in the company culture with engaged employees.


Higher rate of employee engagement is necessary for a company as they are the functioning wheels of the organization. Engaging employees not only boosts their enthusiasm but also instate a sense of involvement towards the company. Engagement of employees is beneficial for the company and the employees, leading both to higher and remarkable pinnacles.

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