Client brief

  • To promote Bollywood Music Project as the most loved Bollywood music festival in India.

Aim and Objectives

  • Brand Awareness and Brand Connect


  • 10th July 2020 – 6th August 2020


  • The event had to be called-off due an out-break of the corona -virus pandemic situation which affected the pre-event hype that was established amongst the viewers.

Strategy and Approach

  • Stroke a nostalgic chord by hooking users with content that recommended great music, facts, engaging activities etc. A few pandemic-related posts were also pushed to drive good engagement based on the ‘relevancy’ factor in this situation.


  • A series called #PeopleAtBMP was introduced to invoke a nostalgia factor so that the hype was held in the minds of people. This campaign cherished the lively moods, events, weekend vibes and the people at this festival.
  • A segment on the ‘lesser known facts of Bollywood music’ was curated to giveaway some interesting information to the viewers.
  • The content bucket also included topical and trending posts to keep up with a strong #socialmediatrend game on.
  • To drive good traction, a lock-down special playlist was curated and published. This playlist was a wonderful combination of really sad yet crazy songs depicting the situation.
  • A few playlists created for our YouTube channel were based on UGC collected in the form of answers/polls.


  • ‘Bollywood bingo’, ‘Guess the song with the help of emojis’ and ‘Guess the song in reverse order’ were hosted to flash a fun-vibe while driving good engagement on stories.
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