Corporate Culture Survey

February 24, 2022

Definition: Corporate Culture Survey

A corporate culture survey is defined as a tool that helps collect insights from the employees in an organization to understand and improve its business, enhance leadership strategies, evaluate future investments and overall make some remarkable changes that serve well for its employees.

An open communication between the company and its employees sets comfortable environment at work. Corporate culture survey is one of the many ways of communicating with your employees. Corporate Guru- Simon Sinek is a great advocate of communicating effectively and quite rightly says, “Customer will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Culture survey is a helpful way of creating a happy and productive environment for the employees. This way the company gets to collect feedback and insights from the employees to assess the current policies and employee experiences, and helps in employee retention.

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Top 10 Corporate Culture Survey Questions

What questions should be included in a Corporate Culture Survey? The answer is simple. Questions that give the company a better understanding of the employees and their experiences at work.

To make things a bit precise, here are a Top 10 Corporate Culture Survey Questions, you might want to use for your company.

1. On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend the corporate culture of this organization to your friends and family?

Referrals are something that people do when they trust and enjoy something. So, if your employee is ready to recommend you, you are doing good!

2. How do you feel working in the company?

The intent of this question to get an idea of how the employee is adjusting the practices of the company.

3. Are you comfortable with the company culture?

One of the most important perks of a good company is its work culture. Getting an idea of what the employees think of it will help improve it.

4. Do you think your coworkers respect you?

Having a mutual understanding and respect among peers makes the work environment more comfortable. This question helps in revealing the relation between your employees.

5. What improvements should the company incorporate for a better work environment?

Suggestions from the employees will make them feel they are important as well. Their input may prove beneficial for the company.

6. Are you able to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Being concerned about the professional and personal well-being of your employees is good for both, them and you.

7. Can you explain the culture at your workplace?

It is an easy way to know what the employees feel about the culture of your company.

8. How would you characterize your company’s leadership and management style?

It is an opportunity for the employees to mention what they like or dislike about the company or management; in turn helping the company to improve.

9. Are you aware of how your work affects the company?

Employee’s contributions make a huge difference to the company. Including them in the progress of the work they have done will make them feel like a part of the team.

10. In what aspects can the company improve to be a better place?

This will enhance the culture and environment of the company, also will keep up with the employee satisfaction.

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Benefits of Conducting a Survey

Corporate culture survey is beneficial for the companies which are concerned about their employees and growth of the organization. There a number of obvious benefits that the company can see. Following a few of them…

1. Better understanding of how the employees feel about work environment, ethics and culture of the company.

2. Helps to increase the productivity of the employees as they feel heard and respected for their opinions.

3. Highlights issues, drawbacks with the management and peer relationships.

4. Company can gather new ideas for future events.

5. Helps to monitor the workplace and the employees.

6. Helps to find and improve loopholes in the policies or management of the organization.

7. A very good way to engage the employees and be connected to them.

8. Useful to rate the performance of the employees.

9. Helps in the development of the employees individually.

10. Draws valuable insights on the changes that will be the most effective for the smooth functioning of an organization.

Tips for Conducting Corporate Culture Survey

1. KISS– Keep it short and sweet! Long surveys are boring and employees may get bugged up and fill it only as an action item for the day. Keep your survey short, simple and meaningful. Remember survey fatigue is a real thing.

2. Plan in advance– It is essential to understand that survey is a tool to draw insights, as an organization you need to plan well in advance when and how your survey will be deployed, what questions will make the most sense and what response or reaction your survey will evoke.

3. Collect Feedback anonymously– Collecting feedback anonymously gives your employees the confidence of not being questioned later for their responses. Their reputation is not at stake and they are able to express freely. What does this mean? This means, you receive unbiased responses.

4. Keep sending reminders: Once the survey has been deployed make sure to follow up with your employees. An employee would probably be getting hundreds of emails during the day. Fair chances the survey email got lost. A friendly poke, a timely reminder doesn’t hurt.


Not limiting to the above, companies should create an extensive Corporate Culture Survey to get a clear idea of how transparent the relationship between the employee and the company is.

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