Employer Branding vs Employee Value Proposition: Is there a Difference?

March 24, 2022

What do the candidates look for while applying for jobs? What are the traits that attract candidates? How do they perceive companies and their brand position in the market?

These, and more questions come up when we start to talk about the brand placement of companies amongst competitors. This is where Employer Branding and Employee Value Propositions become the hero to the story. While most companies place themselves as apt options, there is a difference in the way they create an impact.

Let’s understand what branding and EVP do to a business and how they are different.

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What is Employer Branding?

Branding comes into the picture when companies place themselves in the market as the most favourable workplace. It is highlighting the mission, vision, values and overall performance of the company for an audience that includes current employees and potential employees. It all revolves around the perception of the company by the candidates, in comparison to the competition in the market.

While fostering branding, the aim is to create an echoing presence for the organization. Candidates have access to various social media platforms and forums where they seek help and information. On such platforms, creating awareness about how this business is different and what do they offer to their employees is what employer branding is all about.

What is Employee Value Proposition?

EVP has a different approach that projects the brand in terms of how it adds value to the employees’ professional and personal growth. It encompasses the employee benefits, a sophisticated and functional workspace, values and ethics of the company and a holistic development of the employees. To be precise, it is the commitment made by the employer to their employees in return for their dedication.

In addition, EVP presents what the business proposes as benefits to enhance skills, experience, exposure and capabilities as the core of the employees’ development.

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Employer Branding vs Employee Value Proposition

In simple words, while employer branding helps the business with external positioning, an employee value proposition is more internal value positioning. Both are differentiated with a fine but prominent line. Branding and EVP complement each other.

Let’s talk about what point stands out when we compare these two.

Branding is persuasive in the sense that it establishes the business and brand as ‘the ideal workplace’. EVP comes across as the tangible actions the business takes to make the promises a vital part of the organization’s functioning. Both can project the same values and ethics offered by the business, but the thin difference between the promise and the implementation is what sets them apart. The stronger the EVP, the more impactful the branding will be.

Both branding and EVP, act as the foundation of the brand in an apparent way. Considering that each has its own impact, employee turnover, attrition, engagement and retention rates can be managed extensively.


Reiterating how a brand is presented in the market and to the potential employees, can be done by both observing branding strategies and presenting a strong EVP. It is all about placing the brand in the limelight where it is prominent for the workforce.

While the difference between branding and EVP is rather paper-thin, their impact is clearly ‘the two sides of the paper’.

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